The plane door closes and I’m off again. I move to my window seat. 32D. A fat man in a suit with chubby fingers texts a client and I slide past him. I’m flying to a new country. My wanderlust has struck again. It is the Caribbean this time. Costa Rica. I want to invest in real estate. After 20 years of serious f’ing basketball, serious f’ing training, I’m trying to start the next stage of my life.

I have these ideas that start to take form and I must figure them out. I figure the Caribbean is as good a place as any to start, but really, what am I doing?

I must deliberately practice exploring things I’m interested in. I have the rumblings of new dreams and I don’t always know what and how to start.

See, with basketball, I knew what to do day in and day out. I knew what my basketball workouts should look like, feel like, and what the point of it all was. I can look at a player  and usually in 15 minutes of training or competition, I can tell you what they are missing to be successful at the next level.


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What’s after basketball?


I analyzed basketball my whole life. Movement. Basketball workouts. Skill training. How to play better. Anything and everything basketball.

And now basketball is over.

But is it? The journey taught me something and like a great mystery, I want to uncover it, sniff out the truth. I want to do something that I’m equally passionate about, much like I felt when I was playing professional basketball. I don’t want to sell stuff I’m not passionate about. I don’t want to get fat and sit on a phone talking to buyers and sellers.

That’s why I built this site. I figured having cool pictures, pro athletes, and honest sports conversations would bring the bazillions of people that want to find out what you do after you play professional basketball for 12 years in Europe, the NBA (hey, a month counts right?), and beyond.

Truthfully, maybe you will find my journey around Europe, traveling, sailing around the Caribbean, training hungry basketball players or any of the dreams that I continue to go after post basketball, interesting.

Or maybe I’ll learn something from you, just like you learned something from me.

Please stay tuned!



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