Traverse City Basketball: Fall 2016 Sundays


Traverse City: Basketball Fall 2016

Starting in Traverse City, the Trevor Huffman Basketball Academies, players will learn how to move with and without a basketball through radical basketball skill training drills, compete against themselves and others in Traverse City, learn how to play basketball through building personal work ethic, mental leadership skills, and self-awareness.

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TRAVERSE CITY: THBA Basketball Workouts include:

  • developmental sports performance techniques
  • speed, agility, quickness with / without a basketball
  • teaching how to develop and use basketball moves in micro/macro manner
  • playing fundamental high I.Q. basketball through programming youth players to be accountable for their play
  • high reps and live one one, two on two, three on three play for faster learning


Pay Online for Traverse City Basketball Sundays!



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