Last week in Traverse City at my Trevor Huffman Basketball Academies, I challenged players to start understanding work ethic and the victor versus victim mindset.

What players can consistently work hard without a coach around and be aware of their actions and know how to auto-correct them from day to day?

What is the victor and victim mindset and what does it sound like in your own head?

I’d rather have a Northern Michigan player work smart and hard for seven days a week by themselves or a teammate than work hard for one day with me.

I challenged players to turn the victim switch mindset off and we all know it– parents, coaches, players– that little voice that complains, blames, and finds the easy way out.

Yet, not all of us are aware of it. Not parents. Not coaches. Not kids.

The goal is to learn about what it is, to start to listen and be aware of that resistant voice that tells you instead of doing something powerful, energetic, ambitious, hard, or something that is aligned and weaved into your dreams, aspirations, and goals, it tells you to be comfortable, to sit on the couch, to eat those chips, to not do anything because you are too sore, too tired, too hungry, too old, too dumb, too anything.

Victim mindset.


Victors hear that victim voice and rise to the challenge. They rise against the fear and prove to themselves they can take the smallest of steps to achieve their goals.

Trevor Huffman (twitter)

Traverse City basketball is off to a rocking start with the Trevor Huffman Basketball Academy. Trevor has played 12 years of professional basketball and loves to inspire, teach, and lead kids to create work ethic, basketball skills, and self-awareness about what it takes to have success on and off the court.



Traverse City Basketball Academy with Trevor Huffman

You can find all of Trevor Huffman’s Basketball Academies here in Traverse City, Michigan for Fall/Winter 2016.


A 12-year professional point guard from Northern Michigan understands the time, work, and energy it takes to be successful at the game of basketball.

As the all-time leading scorer and mid-major All-American at D1 Kent State University, Trevor Huffman has taught, inspired, and coached youth at his Trevor Huffman Basketball Academies for over 10 years.

Traverse City Trevor Huffman Basketball Academy will:

  • Breaks down basketball movements in a micro and macro manner. Teaching players how to instinctually read the game better, be a better teammate, but also develop faster, more explosive, and better individual basketball skills.
  • Teaches players how to become better leaders on and off the court, how to incorporate ¬†individual work ethic, radical personal self-reliance, and responsibility into their lives through self-awareness.

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