Basketball Euro-Step & Yugo Rocker Basketball Move

Learning how to play basketball, especially the Euro-Step and Rocker Step basketball moves can be confusing.

So I break it down in this video.

After 12 years of professional basketball and training not only myself and other players, it’s important you learn how to do the FIBA Euro-Step and Croatian/ Yugo Rocker step move and start practicing it to get it in your offensive repertoire.

Basketball Euro-Step & Rocker Step Basketball Moves

5 Tips for Using Basketball Euro-Step

  1. Use this basketball move when a player/defender steps in to take a charge
  2. Use this Euro-Step move when you have an angle on the defender’s body
  3. Use the Rocker step and Jab Crossover move when you are in triple threat outside the three point line or haven’t used your dribble
  4. If you are new to this Euro-Step– start slow, stay balanced and controlled when first learning this offensive basketball move. Never sacrifice technique for speed. Build up speed and intensity as you get better at technique.

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