Pick and Roll Basketball Training videos

Here are some pick and roll basketball training videos to start watching some of the best point guards and coaches talk about principles to learn on how to teach and execute the pick and roll.

The basic premise of the pick and roll is to start with a two man/woman game and have the screen pick the defender on the ball.


1.) The offensive player with the ball must set up defender by misdirection with dribble or jab step / rip thru to make sure the defender runs into the offensive big’s screen.

2.) The offensive creener must sprint into the screen and find an angle to make sure the defender hits the screen,  try to head hunt the player’s shoulders or back by getting their feet wide and protecting themselves to brace for contact.

3.) The best screens try to create / make a downhill screen situation where the defender’s back is screened and then the roller seals the defender so no switch can happen.

4.) The defending big man can do 1.) Hard Hedge 2.) Soft Hedge 3.) Trap 4.) Sideline Push 5. Switch 6.) Sideline Push and Switch

Steve Nash Pick and Roll Basketball Training Videos

Manu Ginobli Pick and Roll Basketball Training Videos:

1.) Notice how Tim Duncan runs from right to left to set a screen on the back of Manu’s defender.

2.) This is a European pick and roll technique. The picker runs out in a S-turn type way so that the defender is anticipating a screen on one side and then it comes to the other to create a completely downhill screen.